NZ Native Moth Series -Arty - Dozen standard badges
Ahi Pepe MothNet

NZ Native Moth Series -Arty - Dozen standard badges

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The whole ABSTRACT set.

The 12 piece set NZ Native Macro Moths badges.

This set is designed for arty occasions. Colorful, unique they are also ideal for those who are just coming to love Moths. As with all our badges the set comes with a brief description of the NZ endemic moths pictured on the badges. All images are copyright and used with permission from Landcare Research, MBIE and the Ahi Pepe MothNet project. High Resolution detail of 12 different NZ Native macro moths - with concise description. Badges are 5 1/2cm diameter on a white background, with a pin backing

Set typically includes*:

Declana egregia

Pasiphila melochlora

Xyridacma alectoraria

Xanthorhoe occulta 

Graphania disjungens

Tmetolophota purdii

Orthoclydon chlorias

Graphania chlorodonta

Tatosoma lestevata

Ichneutica ceraunias

Meterana exquisita

Meterana meyricci


*The Tamariki are making the badges after school. In the case that specific badges from this set are unavailable at the time of shipping we will supply the order with similar replacement badges. If you are not happy with a replacement badge please email us

Badges are also sold separately if you are after a specific badge please order individually.

Images copyright Birgit Rhode, Landcare Research.

All profits to the TKKMoŌtepoti WIPCE conference fund.

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