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Moth of the week speacil offer - Hihi Orthoclydon chlorias

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Moth of the week is HIHI - Orthoclydon chlorias
We chose hihi as the Te Reo Māori kupu to represent this gorgeous moth because the bright yellow and flickeryness of the moth suits the meaning of "Ray of sun" [1]. Of course this is also likely the reason the rare endemic stitchbird (Notiomystis cincta) acquired this name.
Featured on our New Zealand Native Macro Moths series [2] and Otago Museum 's Emma Burns choice of badge for the Kā Manu o Rēhua and Dr Barbara Anderson show on Good Friday.
HIHI - Orthoclydon chlorias
Family: Geometridae (Pepe Tāwhana)
Status: Endemic
Distribution: Sth & Nth Islands
Habitat: Beech Forest ~750m elevation
Food plants: Native snowberry (Gaultheria)
Guides: Te Hīheru
Image: B. Rhode, [3]
Twitter: Ahi Pepe MothNet
Moth of the week is available all three badges Science, Te Reo Māori and Arty from our fundraising shop [4] each week the moth of the week is 3 for a $10 donation shipping free (i.e. drop in and pick it up) Landcare Research office in Dunedin or any Landcare Research office. Also available at Morning Magpie. All proceeds go towards the Ahi Pepe MothNet presentation at the World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education [5]. For more information go to our givealittle page [6] or the Ahi Pepe MothNet page [7].
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